COMPUTES/PUNCH is a CAD / CAM program to manage numerical punching control technology. Renewed for a new operating system, Windows 10 is designed entirely with object-oriented technologies and developed in C++ and C# languages. A single environment for drawing, quoting, stacking and preparing punching sequences. High level of interactivity – the repetitive function of the application allows the user to intervene in all decisions already made at any time, allowing the software to adapt to the individual working style. In COMPUTES/PUNCH the user finds everything he needs to react immediately to the needs of his work. A parts archive, a small CAD with always updated DXF imports, automatic nesting, configurable punching parameters, punching sequence with automatic shooting management, machine path simulation environment, a cost-effective module for creating offers and finally a rich set of customizable reports.

CAD and parametric shapes

COMPUTES/PUNCH has an integrated CAD system for the realization of any kind of two-dimensional figures. CAD is connected to an external system of constantly updated DXF import system. There is present also some parametric shapes.

Parts Library

Each item designed or imported can be saved in an internal database for later use, perhaps also with punching technology for further time saving. The database automatically divides the elements by material, thickness or customer.

Punching technology

The panel enables the selection of punching methods, types of machining (contouring, emptying, etc.), compensation sides and directions. It is possible to define pre-configured configurations in order to apply the same parameters to the geometry more easily and quickly. Partial cuts and micro-connections are also possible.

Automatic nesting

In addition to the well-known interactive nesting system, the system includes automatic nesting functions. It is possible to define the number and rotation for each element. The system will take care of the positioning of the elements on the desired plate, guaranteeing a minimum preset distance.

Post processor and Simulation environment

COMPUTES / PUNCH allows you the possibility to manage automatically the calculation of any repositioning of the sheet and sequence of the various jobs in addition to the possibility for the user to edit them manually at any time. The realistic simulation of all the operations will be useful for a quick control of the program.

Everything will then be encoded in an NC file to be sent to the machine.

Report printout

Reports are no longer a problem. COMPUTES/PUNCH has an integrated system for managing all the reports. You can edit all types of reports of COMPUTES/PUNCH or create new ones according to your needs. You can insert your logo, create reports with barcode and create labels for your pieces.

You can create different types of reports, including Parts lists in the database divided by material, thickness or customer. Nesting with a parts list with automatic and separate numbering of produced parts. Estimates and final cost also in PDF format or managed by e-mail directly from COMPUTES/PUNCH.

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