The integration platform between machines and production management software

A suite of applications able to send production instructions from the factory information system to the connected machines and to send back to factory information system all the information collected from the machine tools.

PM – the collector of the items to be produced

PM is the central module of the dialogue platform with the machines for the complete control of the items to be produced. For each article PM collects all the important information, the source CAD drawing, the associated documentation, the CAM information, the cutting and the bending programs, in a perspective of total control of the production orders derived from the customer orders. PM manages all the information necessary to the machines for article production. Finally, it collects production data allowing to monitor and control production order progress.


This software module manages the bidirectional data flow between PM and CNC Machine Tools. LINKlabPM connects to Production Manager, retrieves lists of items to be produced grouped by machine and connecting to machine tools transfers the information and files needed to start production. LINKlabPM monitors the machines recovering the machining operational data and sends back to Production Manager the balance of the work performed.

Connection to the office

PM is interfaced with the ERP system.

PM collects form ERP all the production orders related to the machines to be managed and monitored. It connects the production orders with the related programs made by CAM to be executed by machine tools.

PM collects from the shopfloor the info related to production order progress and returns them to ERP system.

Connection to the workshop

PM makes the machine programs available to the LINKlabPM communication module which is in charge to transfer them to the machines according to the scheduling.

LINKlabPM recovers the machining operational data and sends back to Production Manager the balance of the work performed.

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