PRODUCTS – Solutions for production management

COMPUTES/ERP is much more than just ERP. It is a complete package for production control and company management. Functions of the best ERP, MES, MRP, CRM, MANAGEMENT and CRP software in one product that coordinates, collects, and shares information.

COMPUTES/ERP can exchange information with any kind of accounting system, ERP, CAD, CAM, PDM.

Its advantages are, above all:


  • detailed forecast of production times and costs
  • immediate and more precise estimates
  • greater transparency in relations with customers, suppliers, and partners
  • support in evaluating investments


  • reduce production downtime
  • monitor machine performance and maintenance
  • calculate the cost of the product to take corrective action
  • accelerate the supply chain through better warehouse management

Data collection

  • immediate and precise information on work progress
  • accurate data on the cost of each element to help you with your corrective actions
  • creating a database with the company’s performance indicators (KPIs) over time

Customers and suppliers

  • control production times and costs in an estimation and final balance sheet
  • detailed information on work progress to provide reliable answer to internal resources, suppliers, and customers
  • plan activities and delivery times
  • improve relationships with customers and suppliers, increasing your competitiveness

Internal management

  • effectively manage and track information, data, and document exchange within the company
  • create a historical database that allows you to evaluate the company’s progress over time
  • integrate already deployed software systems (ERP, CAD, CAM) to improve company efficiency, minimizing reorganization costs
  • optimize time and reduce unnecessary costs

Tracking and purchase

  • keep track of warehouses/locations and related deposits and withdrawals
  • plan your purchases based on your warehouse and demand history
  • manage automatically or manually numbering of the production batch or individual pieces
  • easily and quickly track production materials (castings, certificates, specifications, etc.)

Connection to production machines

  • reliable and verified information of the production data and actual machine performance
  • reduce production delays and downtime


  • complete compatibility with any type of management system, ERP, CAD / CAM / PDM
  • implementation of additional functions and modules for administration and production management, when and where needed
  • maximize investments already made in digitalization
  • minimum impact on staff in terms of training and changes in work practices
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