COMPUTES/COMBI is a CAD/CAM and NESTING software for every cutting technology, such as: laser, punching, plasma, Oxy cutting, water-jet. COMPUTES/COMBI has special modules for the solution of specific problems such as: the development of parametric shapes for air treatment, the ability to obtain a vector graphic starting from an artistic paint or drawing, inlay managing, cutting from a coil, single parts loading and unloading, interaction with FMS and handling robots as well as many others custom oriented solutions. COMPUTES/COMBI keeps its main feature of providing a single operating environment with all its functions always available. Nevertheless, the system can be set up in modular way so as to allow users to fit it with the tools they require for their production.

Recently updated to full compatibility with Windows 10 and it has been entirely programmed with object-oriented technologies and developed with C++ and C# language.

CAD and parametric figures

COMPUTES/PUNCH has an integrated CAD system for the realization of any kind of two-dimensional figures. CAD is connected to an external system of constantly updated DXF import system. It imports all files geometry in format DXF (from all CAD), DWG (from AutoCAD), WKF (from MetalDesigner/VisiCAD) and PAR (from PUNCH5) The module for managing macros for punching out parametric figures and standard cut-outs completes the system for generating shapes for machining.

Parts Library

Each item designed or imported can be saved in an internal database for later use, perhaps also with punching technology for further time saving. The database automatically divides the elements by material, thickness or customer.


The cutting or punching technology can be applied automatically according to user-defined rules and diversified for each material and thickness. This allows a drastic reduction of programming times. The possibility of creating technological punching or laser macros to be applied with a simple click, allow to be faster in programming. Partial cuts and microjunctions are also possible.

Punching technology

The panel enables the selection of punching methods, types of machining (contouring, emptying, etc.), compensation sides and directions

Automatic punching can be decided both on the basis of the entire punch magazine and on predefined on-board configurations. The system is able to define a turret according to the machining operations it has to perform or vice-versa to perform machining operations based on predefined tool configurations.

Cut technology

The command for scraps destroying for the holes to avoid collisions with the laser head is very useful and indispensable if you do not want to apply microjoints even on internal contours.

The possibility of making common cuts for all technologies is available, saving time and material. The skeleton cut, the simple cut or the “T” cut instead allow the user to manage the scrap of the sheet in the best way.

COMPUTES / COMBI provides the possibility to manage also the bevel cuts and the tube cutting.

Automatic nesting

The nesting of COMPUTES/COMBI is precisely tailored to the customer. It’s automatic but also interactive, it starts and you end up by hand or vice versa. It is possible to define the number and rotation for each element. The system will take care of the positioning of the elements on the desired plate, guaranteeing a minimum preset distance. Nesting also takes into consideration the presence of multiple torches as in the case of oxy cutting machines. It Manages the plate archive and allows the reuse of waste. 

Integrated reports template manager

Reports are no longer a problem. COMPUTES/COMBI has an integrated system for managing all the reports. You can edit all types of reports of COMPUTES/COMBI or create new ones according to your needs. You can insert your logo, create reports with barcode and create labels for your pieces.

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