About us

The Computes Group specialize in developing and selling CAD/CAM/ERP software for the sheet metal working industry.

Our origins:

  • 1984 COMPUTES SPA was founded in Piacenza (Italy)
  • 2002 COMPDATA was founded in Kraków (Poland)
  • 2010 COMPUTES SPA is acquired by AMADA
  • 2012 AXION was founded in Piacenza (Italy)
  • 2020 COMPUTES GROUP was founded with the objective of acquiring COMPDATA & AXION

The Computes Group has two branches: one of this in Piacenza, Italy and the other in Krakow, Poland to support the growing number of customers for CUT Laser software, is a production support system designed to work with any metal sheet processing machines: laser, plasma and waterjet cutting machines.

Developing integration solutions between our software to overcome the limitations caused by the lack of communication, improving project management and the productivity of our customers!

We are a company in constantly developing. We support advanced production methods and are a trusted technological partner in the sheet metal working industry worldwide. Our consultants and softwrae specialist have extensive experience in CAD / CAM environments programming and this contributes to making our solutions of the highest quality.

We create software for the sheet metal processing industry, providing value to customers and employees by combining a global team with the largest technological innovations.

We want to be the leaders and global determinant of software for the sheet metal sector.

Customer orientation > Innovations >Trust > Teamwork > Passion > Involvement

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